God still heals today

Some in the body of Christ, believe that Jesus quit healing (cessationism), with the last apostle. John Calvin (1509-1564) the most influential of all the reformers, played a big part in that beliefe. I totally disagree with that theology. God has healed me of atleast 2 different illnesses that I recall, one in particular, I actually have the physical proof, which can be viewed below.

Thank God, that many in the body of Christ is comming back to the truth of God’s healing provision, some books concerning healing I would recomend “the healing reawakening, reclaiming our lost inheritance” by Francis MacNutt

a web site to purchase books, or find a church in your area, concerning healing http://www.rhema.org/Main/index.php  this is Rev. Ken Hagin jr’s rhema site founded by his father

another web site http://www.kenyons.org/  this is a web site for Rev. E.W. Kenyon

did our early church fathers believe healing or the “gifts of the Holy Spirit” stopped with the apostles? no they did not, why should we?

Daily some are becoming disciples in the name of Christ…..who are also receiving gifts, each as he is worth. These are illuminated through the name of this Christ. For one receives the Spirit of understanding, another of counsel, another of strength, another of healing. justin martyr (c160, e)1.214

Those who are truly his disciples, receive grace from him,….perform works in his name, in order to promote the welfare of others, according to the gift that each one has received from Him. Some truly and certinally cast out devils. The result is that those who have been cleansed from evil spirits frequently both believe and join themselves to the church…still others heal the sick by laying their hands upon them, and the sick are made whole. What is more, as I have said, even the dead have been raised up and remained among us for years. What more can I say? it is not possible to name the number of gifts which the church throughout the whole world has received from God, in the name of Jesus Christ. irenaeus (c180, e/w) 1.409

this list could go on and on, I personally have laid hands on the sick, in the name of Jesus,  and they have recovered, I have received healing myself, only believe, God is able, he loves you.


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